#WhatWeLike - Every other week we’ll be posting about a specific brand or item that inspires, influences, or is enjoyed by the members of #TheWellReds. Week 1 = Converse 

We all have clothes buried deep in a closet or captured forever in a yearbook or family reunion picture that leave us wondering "hmmm, okay ... how was that a thing?" Fashion trends are not only a visible representation of what we are personally identifying with socially and culturally at a specific period of time, but on a wider scale they can also serve as an influential force in society and culture itself. As indicators and influencers of time, music and fashion go hand in hand and are some of the easiest ways to date popular forms of mass media like film and TV.  As with music, many elements of popular fashion are cyclical; they ride the waves of relevance with a very select few capturing iconic status and permanently rising above the noise. One such iconic brand that we’ve been repping since the inception of the band is Converse, the American shoe company that’s been in existence since 1908.

Why we like Converse:

1. Looks Great, Feels Great

We’re an independent band that tours all over the country, and we’ve got a very intensive stage set up. Beyond what feels like an arsenal of instruments we’re often carrying a full light and sound rig. With this in mind it’s easy to see that for us, it’s not enough to just have cool shoes.  We also need shoes that are comfortable and functional not only during the show but also during the hours before and after the show when we’re setting everything up or tearing everything down. 

2. Dress Up, Dress Down 

We’ve done formal photo shoots, dressed down shoots, and everything in between... and in all of these shoots at least one of us has worn Converse. I have Converse shoes that match every suit I own, because in all honesty sometimes I just don’t want to wear dress shoes, and as a musician people generally accept and expect us to be a little edgy anyway. I’ve got leather, canvas, bright colors, dark colors, patterns, and prints.  In the rare event that I don’t already have a pair that fits a specific occasion it’s very easy to get a style that will work which leads to ... 

3.  Consistent,  Affordable 

I love the fact that sizing is so consistent and the price point is at a level where I can easily afford to replace a pair once they  wear out. I find myself scouring the internet for deals and know that if I order a 10 the shoes will fit perfectly.